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The most challenging part of making sourdough bread at home is to cultivate the initial sourdough starter. “How to start your own starter” would have to be the most commonly asked question, which is why I always give away my Wild Sourdough starter culture to all of you who come to my sourdough classe

However, remember that our ancesors for thousand of years, have made bread solely using sourdough starter, without all the technology and knowledge we have today. After much thoughts and many deliberations (!), I have decided to make my very own 35+ year old wild sourdough starter available for purchase for those of you out there. This will provide you with the short cut you need to start making delicious and nutritious sourdough bread at home.

I will provide you with three types of starter. One quantity of fresh liquid RYE starter to use straight away, one quantity of solid starter (DESEM) as your fridge standby (should be alive for 3 months in fridge, not freezer) , all are made with organic stoneground wholegrain RYE flour and filtered water. A comprehensive instruction information booklet will also be included. Cost is $35 including express post postage for anywhere in Australia.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that I can not guarantee that any products I use or make for all my classes and online shop including gluten free classes, gluten free starters and water kefir are 100% free of gluten, nuts, eggs, dairy and soy . Many suppliers of gluten free products (including some products manufactured by The Gluten Free Co.) state that their products may contain traces of eggs, dairy, gluten, nuts and soy. I teach and work in a facility where I use flours containing gluten and I may use eggs, nuts and dairy on a daily basis as my main work is for wheat/rye/spelt sourdough. If you are not sure, my advice is to purchase my book and use your own gluten free or allergen free ingredients to make your own gluten free or rye sourdough starters and any sourdough breads or products.