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wild fermentationLacto Fermentation Class

Lacto fermentation or Lactic acid fermentation is a process of transforming raw food material (cabbages, beetroot etc) into nutritious delicious food by way of using ‘wild’ fermentation without the addition of specific culture. Humans have been known to ferment food to create delicious food to make them healthy and extend the lifespan of food eg. Sauerkraut, salted cod, kimchi, fish sauce etc. This fermenting class will teach you various ways to ferment vegetables as well as seaweeds, eggs etc. Four different method of fermenting will be taught including anaerobic and salt-less method.

Each participant will make and take home:

  • anaerobic 2 litre jar systems with airlock and two lids to make:
    • your very own designer organic kraut in the 2 litre jar (approx 2kg of krauts, this will cost you about over $100 if you buy it) – 2 biodynamic/organic cabbages per person
  • 2 large jars for the other two methods (brine and saltless) to make :
    • veggie ferments, depending on availability, for example:
      • 1 large jar of carrot & ginger
      • 1 large jar of beetroot & rhubarb or citrus
      • 1 large jar of carrot, raddish, chinese cabbage Kimchi

What I will cover in this class (depending on seasonal availability of vegetables)

  • four different way of wild fermenting: brine, salt-less and controlled anaerobic and backslopping vegetable ferments, for example – sauerkraut ( incl redkraut , but not just your standard krauts, but something utterly delicious), kimchi (all kinds incl kale, not just wombok/chinese cabbage), carrot & ginger, beetroot, garlic, mushroom, seaweed
  • lacto fermented raw crackers
  • lacto fermented eggs

Class Details

  • Duration – 6 hours
  • Includes comprehensive notes and recipes
  • Generous food to share in class
  • 2 litre jar of Sauerkraut, 2 other jars of veggie ferments to take home incl anaerobic equipment

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