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eBook faqs

How do I pay for and download my ebook?

Payment is via the PayPal. This allows payment from your PayPal account or credit card, protected by the established security of the PayPal systems. Note that unlike payment for physical goods, the purchase of digital goods implies a once off download. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with the link to your download. Download your eBook as soon as possible as this link will expire after 48 hours after which time you will be unable to download your purchase. Please check your email and click once to download.

What ebook formats are supported?

Wild Sourdough for the Thermomix is available in iBooks (EPUB) format, and PDF. The All About Sourdough Starter ebooks are only available in iBooks format.

Do you support Kindle?

Kindle format is not currently supported, but will be forthcoming soon.

What are the All About Sourdough Starter ebooks?

These books are extracts from the full ebook Wild Sourdough for the Thermomix containing all you need to know about making sourdough starters. Readers who purchase the full ebook do not need to purchase these extracts, as all the information is in the full ebook.

What can I read iBooks format books with?

Ibooks ebooks are EPUB format, which is the standard format readable on the Apple iPad and iBooks for Mac OS X. There exist various readers and software applications capable of viewing EPUB documents, but the books have been optimised for the iPad and the best reading experience is provided on the iPad. iPad and iPad Mini are supported, as well as older versions of iPad.

What about Mac OS X Mavericks and iBooks?

Please be aware the the Mac OS X Mavericks release comes with the long-awaited iBooks reader for the Mac, allowing the reading of iBooks on the Mac without requiring an iPad. While this is a good thing, moving your purchased ebooks into iBooks on the Mac changes the way ebooks are managed if you have an iPad as well. Ebooks are no longer managed in iTunes as previously, but now in iBooks. First load your ebook into iBooks on the Mac. To load the book into your iPad, connect the iPad and select the device. From the ‘Books’ menu item that is shown at the top of the iTunes page, select the checkbox next to the book and then synchronise to the iPad using the Sync and Apply buttons in the bottom right hand corner. You should now be able to read your ebook on the iPad.

Can I use an iPhone to purchase and download these ebooks?

Yes you can, however it is strongly suggested that you use a computer or an iPad instead as these books are designed for large screen devices such as the iPad, and the reading experience on small screen devices such as the iPhone is unlikely to be satisfactory.

What happens if things go wrong and I am unable to download my ebook?

Please contact Yoke directly by email.