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Low FODMAPs DEMO Sourdough Class


Low FODMAPs Sourdough Breadmaking

Totally VEGAN, high protein, high fibre, WHEAT free, soya, legumes & corn free

In this interactive demo class, be prepared to be both surprised and delighted by the amazing tasting and nutritious to boot LOW FODMAPs sourdough sandwich bread, fruit loaf, pain au levain … to name a few! You will rediscover your love for what makes sourdough bread so comforting and special, the uniquely delicious complex taste and texture which is a direct result of natural lactobacillus fermentation which has existed for thousand years… with a TWIST to make it suitable for the LOW FODMAPs diet so you can enjoy it in total comfort and with total confident to know that you are following your doctor’s instruction for low FODMAPs diet…

You will touch, feel, smell, taste every part of the sourdough breadmaking process, so you will understand absolutely everything you need to make your own sourdough bread at home. Using beneficial sourdough fermentation, I will introduce you to a variety of flour and ingredients that are naturally low FODMAPS, which will include SPELT and  a variety of GLUTEN-FREE flours. We will be using hybrid spelt & gluten-free starter and we will make some hybrid sourdough bread.

My main objective is to guide and inspire you to make this delicious and nutritious bread at home with easy practical and do-able methods, to fit in this sourdough breadmaking steps into your day-to-day life. You will be provided with my sourdough starter culture to start off your stress-free breadmaking adventure!

Type of sourdough covered in this class:

  • sandwich bread, fruit loaf, pain au levain … to name a few

Class Details

  • Duration – 3 hours
  • Hybrid spelt & gluten-free sourdough starter given
  • Includes comprehensive notes and recipes
  • Generous food tastings through out the class

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Please note that some classes may only be run once a year.

Contact Yoke

Hi Yoke, I took a sourdough class with you late in 2008 and you inspired me to follow my lifelong dream. I moved to Sydney and completed the Le Cordon Bleu program (cuisine). Now I’m in Canada and while I still have a piece of your sourdough going and making the bread from the recipes that you provided, I would love to try more of them.

Thank you again and I hope all is going well for you.

Kindest regards, Donna, CANADA

Note about my classes:All my classes are hands-on, as I truly believe that you learn more effectively by experiencing the whole process first hand...touching, feeling, smelling and making your own dough from scratch in class.All efforts are made to use only organic/bio-dynamic ingredients.If you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement, please let me know.