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purchase wild sourdough appMy Wild Sourdough recipes and techniques are now available as an app for the iPad.

You can purchase the app from the iTunes Store.

My new Wild Sourdough App for the home baker is an invitation to join the sourdough revolution and learn the art of making sourdough at home to delight and nourish you, body and soul.

This app, showing you how to make sourdough the traditional way by hand, without breadmakers or machines, is filled with beautiful photographs to delight and guide you to success, every time. Each recipe has a simple step-by-step guide to making perfect sourdough to suit your taste and lifestyle.

You can purchase the recipes chapter by chapter (Basic, Wheat Free, Savoury, Celebratory Sourdough), which is brilliant for those of you who have purchased my Wild Sourdough or Sourdough print books: you can just purchase the recipes you need.

All you need to do is start — my help is never far away!

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