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Hi Yoke

I’m still making bread, and trying to perfect it each time. I made the basic white this weekend, and think it was the best so far. I’ve come to the conclusion you need time, and can’t rush it, or have a deadline when it has to be finished. I tried the wholemeal recently, which was a little doughy, probably because I didn’t cook it for long enough.

This time I let it rise for longer, and ended up cooking it at about 9.30pm, and it was lovely.
Hope all’s well with you, and the classes are going well,

Thanks & Regards, Alison (WA)

Note about my classes: All my classes are hands-on, as I truly believe that you learn more effectively by experiencing the whole process first hand...touching, feeling, smelling and making your own dough from scratch in class. All efforts are made to use only organic/bio-dynamic ingredients. If you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement, please let me know.