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Artisan Sourdough Class

Classic crusty loaves in bannetons & soft brioche using Japanese water roux techniques

Introducing Ancient Grains as alternatives to wheat/spelt, By Hand & Machine Techniques (Thermomix, Kitchen Aid, Magimix…)

for dairy/wheat free – all can be vegan

artisan sourdoughNew techniques, high hydration or wet dough, hand shaping, bannetons and lots of fun. Good looks accompanied by deliciousness…think pain au levain, miche, fougasse, and soft brioche, cinnamon scrolls…

This class is a step up in the right direction to make sourdough loaves that taste better than bought ones but look as good as the ones sold at Artisan bakeries anywhere… Organic Ancient Grains, Australian grown: Purple wheat, Heirloom, Khorasan and Emmer/Einkorn (when available)

You will learn: (variations may occur)

  • Obviously, there will be lots of hand shaping, rising in bannetons, decorative slashing and using dutch oven for baking and learning new tricks along the way
  • High hydration dough, in other words, wetter dough to make “artisan” loaf with crackling crust and lots of holes inside…e.g. “pain au levain”
  • Using mostly spelt and exploring an ancient grain, Khorasan (or Kamut, an ancient durum wheat) which is even more easily digested than wheat and spelt
  • Incorporating things like olives (olives or sundried tomato Fougasse), walnuts, dried fruit, coffee (coffee & walnut loaf)…
  • Making and maintaining non-rye white/wholemeal starter – I will be using white khorasan or white spelt and wholemeal spelt starter and will give you new starter if you like
  • A Japanese technique for making very soft ‘brioche’ like dough without the oodles of butter and eggs, a soft loaf suitable for burger buns, filled w chocolate, cinnamon scrolls etc.
  • Using pre-ferments…to make flavoursome “miche”
  • Cost of class will include a round or oval banneton (your choice) – the banneton I use is made from willow branches, and hand made in Germany, no toxic spray and it is not made of cane.
  • You can bring a dough kneading machine if you like as very wet dough (High Hydration) is pretty messy to do by hand (I urge you to try it however!)

Type of sourdough covered in this class:

  • Heirloom Wheat Pain au levain, Miche, Olive and Sundried Tomato Fougasse, Khorasan & chia, Purple Wheat Multigrain & Seeds, Super Soft Water Roux Sourdough loaf (Hokkaido loaf) etc.

You will Take Home:

  • Participant will make and take home a huge khorasan chia dough
  • Banneton of your choice
  • Few kilos of organic Australian grown ANCIENT grain flours: Purple, Heirloom, Khorasan and Emmer/Einkorn when available
  • Comprehensive recipes & notes
  • Sourdough khorasan starter culture
  • You will be rising, shaping and baking your dough at home.

BYO: large bowl & small scraper or your own Thermomix or other machines (Kitchen Aid, Kenwood Chef, Ankarsrum…)

Class Details

  • Duration – 6 hours
  • Includes comprehensive notes and recipes
  • Khorasan or Spelt Starter culture to take home
  • Generous food to share in class
  • Khorasan chia sourdough dough to make and take home

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