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JUN Kombucha SCOBY


JUN Kombucha SCOBY – VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, ORGANIC , the champagne kombucha, you will receive: Alive Jun in its own fermented liquid (shape and sizes may differ) and comprehensive instruction for primary and secondary fermentation.


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JUN SCOBY – kombucha’s elusive sister (VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, ORGANIC)

you will receive: Alive JUN scoby, with primary and secondary fermenetation instruction (size and shape may differ)

What is JUN and how does it differ from Kombucha?

Jun or the champagne of kombucha, it is definitely the more elusive sister of Kombucha. Jun grows in green or white tea and honey rather than black tea and sugar combo of Kombucha. It tastes lighter and more delicately less sour than Kombucha, it is also more versatile than kombucha as you can add all sorts of ‘fruits’ as flavourings as secondary ferments. JUN is a SCOBY or Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, that transform sweet tea into fizzy drinks via lactobacillus and wild yeast fermentation.

Sandor Katz writes in The Art of Fermentation:

The lack of credible information on Jun leads me to the conclusion that it is a relatively recent divergence from the Kombucha family tree.  Some websites claim that it comes from Tibet, where it has been made for 1,000 years; unfortunately, books on Tibetan food, and even a specialized book on Himalayan ferments, contain no mention of it.  Whether or not it has a 1,000-year-old history, it is quite delicious.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that I can not guarantee that any products I use or make for all my classes and online shop including gluten free classes, gluten free starters and water kefir are 100% free of gluten, nuts, eggs, dairy and soy . Many suppliers of gluten free products (including some products manufactured by The Gluten Free Co.) state that their products may contain traces of eggs, dairy, gluten, nuts and soy. I teach and work in a facility where I use flours containing gluten and I may use eggs, nuts and dairy on a daily basis as my main work is for wheat/rye/spelt sourdough. If you are not sure, my advice is to purchase my book and use your own gluten free or allergen free ingredients to make your own gluten free or rye sourdough starters and any sourdough breads or products.

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