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Water Kefir Grains


Water Kefir Grains alive and suspended in coconut water – $35 including postage, instruction and recipes.



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Water Kefir Grains alive and suspended in coconut water – $35 including postage, instruction and recipes.


Or if you purchase Gluten Free Sourdough Starter pack – it will cost you just $20 extra. (ie. Gluten-free sourdough starter plus water kefir grains $55 inclusive of postage).


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What is water kefir? 

Water kefir is a natural alive probiotic. Probiotics are foods that contain live bacteria, which are beneficial to health. It is easy to make and cost next to nothing once you have your ‘mother’ water kefir grains. I use water kefir to boost my gluten free sourdough starters and dough/batter to make the bread or pancakes etc. It is most effective and of course it is gluten free, as long as you feed it with gluten-free solution such as coconut water; rapadura sugar with water; dried figs and lemon or any sweet dried fruits in water. Do not use barley or wheat malt as wheat and barley contain gluten.


For more information on its health benefits and recipes, go to this link http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/Makekefir.html#Kefir-d-acqua


DISCLAIMER: Please note that I can not guarantee that any products I use or make for all my classes and online shop including gluten free classes, gluten free starters and water kefir are 100% free of gluten, nuts, eggs, dairy and soy . Many suppliers of gluten free products (including some products manufactured by The Gluten Free Co.) state that their products may contain traces of eggs, dairy, gluten, nuts and soy. I teach and work in a facility where I use flours containing gluten and I may use eggs, nuts and dairy on a daily basis as my main work is for wheat/rye/spelt sourdough. If you are not sure, my advice is to purchase my book and use your own gluten free or allergen free ingredients to make your own gluten free or rye sourdough starters and any sourdough breads or products.

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