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PERTH Gluten-Free Christmas Baking Class FODMAP Friendly, Vegan Option

PERTH Gluten-Free Christmas Baking Class FODMAP Gut Friendly & NEVER AGAIN MISSING OUT 🍀💚

GLUTEN FREE 1-to-1 Wild Sourdough BAKING FLOUR will be used & is Endorsed by Coeliac Australia, Plant Based, VEGAN, FODMAP FRIENDLY & FREE FROM NUT, DAIRY, EGG, GUM, SOYA, SESAME, CORN, WHEAT, & Nasties. NO added sugar of any kind incl DEXTROSE, Preservatives, Artificial anything, salt, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum – packaged in plant based kerb recycleable bag.

Dairy & Egg will be used in this class, but VEGAN OPTION will be given for certainty. Thermomix method will be covered

ADDRESS (my Perth home) in ARDROSS will be given prior to class

“NOT MISSING OUT” on the delicious taste, luscious texture & irresistible smell of the gluten equivalents and doing it with such JOY, EASE & FUN in by hand, or machines incl THERMOMIX, are what I am aiming to reveal in this class.

I truly believe and it has been a 13+ year of a passionate journey to be able to share something that is in my heart: creating delicious, nutrient dense (protein & prebiotic fibres), FODMAP & gut friendly gluten free flour that is a perfect 1:1 substitute to premium White Wings Plain Flour to any normal baking recipes or Thermomix COOKIDOO recipes

You will also learn tips and tricks to replace all wheat plain flour for all your favourite ‘normal/wheat based’ cake & cookies & pastry recipes including Thermomix Cookidoo. It will be a life changing moment for those of you who are Coeliac, on a strict gluten free diet; want to reduce gluten in your diet or to eat a better for you (protein & prebiotic fibre) more gut friendly version of you favourite baking recipes

This DEMO Class will also cover – I will also demonstrate in this class, a convenient way to my gluten free bread using sourdough and/or yeast using my white and wholemeal GF bread mixes gluten free sourdough and/or yeast.

Followed by Christmas baking, this menu may change if I can think of something better 😅 (the ADHD in me) and I will not hold back on anything  – remember these are TREATS, so the onus is on you. Substitutes and dietary or allergy substitutions will be thoroughly discussed for sure

Gingerbread Cake/Cupcake with citrus icing – can be totally dairy free (GF & can be DF & V)

Gateau Rouges – a perfect super light & moist olive oil ‘butter’ cake served with fresh summer berries (GF, DF)

Panforte – honey (or vegan subs, easy!) cacao, spices, dried fruit and traditionally studded w nuts, perfect served on its own or paired w cheeses (GF, DF, Egg-free & can be perfectly V and nut-free too)

Cheese Scones or Christmas Scones – lets decide on the day and yes I know it doesn’t belong to Christmas, but why not for those afternoon unexpected guests (GF, Egg-free & can be perfectly DF & V)

FOR MORE INFO on ingredients, certification, recipes and YouTube Videos

You will take home:  1kg Wild Sourdough  1-to-1 Gluten Free BAKING Flour  (1kg of my baking flour makes 100 chocolate cup cakes) in a plastic free, kerb recyclable plant based packaging

COST: $ 90.00. Class include take home 1kg Wild Sourdough 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour, comprehensive notes, generous tastings ..and all the help you need to make it a success

More information: Please contact Yoke, Mob. 0412272327 or yoke@wildsourdough.com.au

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    Demo Class
    December 3, 2023 - 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

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