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Hi Yoke, what a lovely day thank you! I just want to tell you what a lovely day we had too.. I can’t believe that was only your second class, you certainly share your gift with such ease and warmth. It really feels like we have been friends for ages! I too hope we stay in contact as I can see we would have a lot of fun together. I have my loaves in the oven as I type this note !!!!!!!!!!!! here’s hoping it doesn’t flop! I made my husband a lovely cheese platter with the breads I brought home last night to share for dinner. He loved them all.


November 10, 2015

Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday’s class, it was very informative and we learnt a lot. I made my first 3 loaves today for lunch, one plain, one with olives and feta and one with sultanas, walnuts and figs. They turned out really well, and my kitchen now has got that beautiful home baked bread aroma. Jenni also baked her bread today, and hers turned out just beautiful, We are both hooked now! And our husbands love the bread too! I suppose the next test will be when we make the dough on our own. So, once again, thank you very much!

Viv and Jenni

November 10, 2015

Thank you so much for an amazingly inspiring day and your very generous spirit which blessed me deeply.


November 10, 2015

Dear Yoke, I wanted to let you know that since I came to your class earlier this year, I have not bought a loaf of bread other than on about 3 occasions when we had visitors and ran out. Apart from that I have baked all our own sourdough. My Dad recently came over from the UK and he is an avid baker and went home with ‘the knowledge’ and a culture. Together we improved our technique, which was fun and fulfilling on many levels. Thank you so much for your part in these happy things.


November 10, 2015

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop yesterday….it was so motivational and uplifting and all due to your generosity to impart your wealth of knowledge in a passionate and warm manner. Thank you so much Yoke.


November 10, 2015

Hi Yoke,

I was absolutely thrilled to find a book as fantastic as yours! It was just what my husband and I have been trying to find since we found out that commercial bread is not really beneficial to our health. My husband had found out quite a while ago that the sourdough method would be the best way to go in making our own breads. You have some delicious sounding recipes that I would love to try! Yes, your book has infected me with a passion to make these breads for my family.

I am really excited about your book I just love it – and wish I could make these breads NOW!! yum!

Thank you, Sara, QLD

November 10, 2015

Hi Yoke, I took a sourdough class with you late in 2008 and you inspired me to follow my lifelong dream. I moved to Sydney and completed the Le Cordon Bleu program (cuisine). Now I’m in Canada and while I still have a piece of your sourdough going and making the bread from the recipes that you provided, I would love to try more of them.

Thank you again and I hope all is going well for you.

Kindest regards, Donna, CANADA

November 9, 2015

Hello Yoke,

Thank you for printing such a fantastic book, I had purchased a book about Sourdough before I found your book, my first book was not at all easy to understand and I had almost given up making bread, then I was in a very good book store and found your book and just love it. You have managed to take out any difficult stages and I have found your book so easy to follow. I have made some lovely loaves and I am surprised at my results they taste just wonderful. I am still not sure how the dough grows without the yeast it seems magic. I still have some way to go before I have mastered all you lovely loaves in the book but I am on my way.

My favourite look with the sourdough bread is the holes it makes they look so good.

I only wish I lived in Western Australia so I could come along to one of your classes to see you hands on. Thank you again for you book.

Best wishes, Paula, NSW

November 9, 2015

Hello Yoke,

I did your Sourdough class a while ago, and have since moved to Tasmania.

I was in an excellent bookstore in Hobart last night, and in the cook book section – guess what? there was your Sourdough book on display. I was very excited for you. The bookseller said that it was very popular and everyone loved the picture on the cover, but weren’t so confident about making their own without seeing how to do it first.

So – how about coming over to Hobart do teach some sourdough classes? I would love to do another sourdough lesson, and especially see how you make the tempeh.

Hope all is going well for you,


November 9, 2015

Dear Yoke

As I write this email I am waiting for my oven to heat up. I am baking the beautiful sour dough for my brother and mom before I leave for Nepal on Tuesday…will take a picture and discuss with you when I return so far it looks and feels like yours did well maybe a little less firm (slightly over risen maybe)

You are an Inspiration to me, you clearly follow and see your life through your heart and more so you have shared what you love with everyone else I am so grateful to have met you !! Cant wait for round two in DECEMBER

See you soon !!

Love Leah xxx from PERTH (medical nutritionist)

November 9, 2015