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Hi Yoke

I hope you are well.  Thank you for sending through the additional recipes.  I just wanted to say a massive thank you for being such an amazing teacher.  I have been kicking ass at the whole bread making thing to date and really loving it.  Touch wood my success continues.  Thank you again

Regards Kirsty

April 22, 2016

Hello Yoke, my name is Nionie. I have so much enjoyed your books and the visible passion you have put into them. They have really brought me delight. Thank you for giving by doing what you love. Stay well.

April 22, 2016

Dear Yoke, i feel very brave and excited writing to you…. i would never have thought to bother you, but after reading Your acknowledgement i decided that we are sisters of spirit, for my daughter and the Divine are my whole life.

I have attempted 2 bakings of sour dough using a rye starter.

Then a friend loaned me your book i have read it every day for a week and my next baking was as if bread had come down from heaven…just amazing, i can’t wait to get up in the morning and have another slice…

our book is amazing and i am so proud of you..

Sincerely Debbie (QLD)

April 22, 2016

Dear Yoke,

Thank you so much for this beautiful recipe! Finally a gluten free loaf that is crusty yet so light on the inside!  I could hardly believe it!

Thank you too for the precise gluten free sourdough starter recipe that worked so well after my first failed attempt from an online recipe

And could you also give me some information about your future Perth workshops.

I have both your books. They are wonderful!  Thank you so much.

Best Wishes,   Annie (WA)

April 22, 2016

Good morning Yoke

Was going to send photos of my first loaf but it was gone too quickly!! So here are some photos of my first loaf using the starter that you gave us!!!!

I am so glad that I came to your class – you are right, the whole process isn’t as tricky as I thought. After a couple more everyday loaves I might try some little rolls and a baguette or fruit loaf. I feel very clever!! Thanks to you xx

Many thanks, Gen (WA)

April 22, 2016

Hi there Yoke

I did your course a number of years ago and whilst I successfully made bread a few times …. I just could not get the hang of it.

Just wanted to let you know I have FINALLY cracked it and we have been enjoying croissants, breads, muffins, rolls and donuts ….. OMG the donuts.  they are about the best thing I have ever eaten.  I am sure I will curse you every time I make them!  Your book has been a real inspiration and we are now a confirmed sour dough family!

Kindest regards, and thanks once again, Kereth

April 22, 2016

Hi Yoke

I’m still making bread, and trying to perfect it each time. I made the basic white this weekend, and think it was the best so far. I’ve come to the conclusion you need time, and can’t rush it, or have a deadline when it has to be finished. I tried the wholemeal recently, which was a little doughy, probably because I didn’t cook it for long enough.

This time I let it rise for longer, and ended up cooking it at about 9.30pm, and it was lovely.
Hope all’s well with you, and the classes are going well,

Thanks & Regards, Alison (WA)

April 22, 2016

Hi Yoke,

Your starters arrived yesterday, right on time for my husband’s birthday. He’s delighted with them and can’t wait to start baking.

Many thanks for such great service.

Regards, Denise (NSW)

April 22, 2016

Dear Yoke,

Just dropping a note to say a BIG thank you for your wonderful lessons (Culturing Class) on all the different heirloom cultures we received. It had been a wealth of knowledge. As soon I went home I quickly stopped by the shop to get coconut cream. I made a strong tea one with honey for the Jun and one with coconut sugar for the kombucha. Then I made the coconut yoghurt and kefir and also the buttermilk. I just did not want to loose my new pets!!!!!

I am so excited about making the jellies too! It was also great to hear the different things you could do with the different cultures.

Thank you sooo much!

Hope you were able to rest after such an enormous amount of preparations and such a busy day!

Lots of love Marianne (WA)

April 22, 2016

Hi Yoke

I have just made 2 small loaves of white sourdough: my husband was suitably impressed! I wasn’t really sure if I was doing the right thing – lots of consulting your notes and trying to remember what we did in class and somehow I ended up with two lovely loaves. Really looking forward to the fermenting class

Regards, Linda (WA)

April 22, 2016