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Gluten Free Wholegrain

Sourdough gluten free wholegrain class

Discovering the nourishing good taste of gluten free wholegrain sourdough breads and how to make it in your own kitchen.

Gluten free bread that tastes so good, cuts and keeps well without any yeast, additives and preservatives of any kind.

gluten Free wholegrainOne of the highlight of my second book “SOURDOUGH” is huge chapters dedicated to gluten free starter, breadmaking and recipes.

Gluten free (GF) sourdough breadmaking is a world on its own, nothing like you have learned before in my normal sourdough classes

The class starts with gluten-free bread tasting and followed with a talk and demonstration of the whole process of GF sourdough breadmaking from starter, dough to baked bread. You can also use/bring your Thermomix for this class. I will do my mixing using hand/electric whisk/mixer and Thermomix.

In this class we will be making a variety of GF sandwich breads, crepes, blinis, crumpets, coconut (dairy free) waffles and poffertjes (dutch little muffins) – I will also share the recipe for my delish GF ‘real’ profiteroles/eclairs complete with vanilla bean GF custards and chocolate ganache with you and cheese balls (choux pastry)

You will also learn and take home some WATER KEFIR grains, a great tasting dairy free alive probiotic drink which acts as a booster for the GF sourdough starter and bread.

You will Take Home

  • ½ a kilo each of different gluten free flours/grains
  • TWO starters: rice and buckwheat GF sourdough starter
  • Water kefir grains and your GF batter you make in class
  • Breads or goodies baked in class
  • Comprehensive notes.

You won’t need to go to the shop to make more GF loaves, you will be given all the ingredients in class!

Every step is a new discovery, we will work with two main GF starters (buckwheat and brown rice) all will be explained, shown and shared in this class. You will see the different stages of the breadmaking process and you will be making your own GF dough and take home a GF starter at the end of the class.

Tips and tricks I have discovered along the way will be shared with all of you.

A variety of GF wholegrains will be used discussed in this class including quinoa, finger millet and sorghum.

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Please note that some classes may only be run once a year.

Contact Yoke

Hi Yoke

I’m still making bread, and trying to perfect it each time. I made the basic white this weekend, and think it was the best so far. I’ve come to the conclusion you need time, and can’t rush it, or have a deadline when it has to be finished. I tried the wholemeal recently, which was a little doughy, probably because I didn’t cook it for long enough.

This time I let it rise for longer, and ended up cooking it at about 9.30pm, and it was lovely.
Hope all’s well with you, and the classes are going well,

Thanks & Regards, Alison (WA)

Note about my classes: All my classes are hands-on, as I truly believe that you learn more effectively by experiencing the whole process first hand...touching, feeling, smelling and making your own dough from scratch in class. All efforts are made to use only organic/bio-dynamic ingredients. If you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement, please let me know.