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that soft old fashioned ‘sandwich loaf

This lovely old-fashioned loaf will take you down memory lane in a time of COVID19 stress. The aroma and ultra-soft texture create a sandwich loaf you will crave and want to rush home to savour… So, here is my sourdough version, inspired by Janine: best friend and best sister. Actually, you can tell we aren’t really sisters as she is a blond and I have black hair.  Janine, thank you for allowing me to adapt and share your recipe. Stay well and share the joy of sourdough (SEE RECIPE NOTES below for a video of how amazing soft this loaf is)

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that soft old fashioned 'sandwich loaf

when no other bread will satisfy your craving for comfort food, this will! FOR THERMOMIX, KITCHEN AID & KENWOOD: half this recipe PLEASE and do it twice to make a huge sandwich loaf.
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour 15 minutes
Servings: 1 huge loaf


white leaven

  • 50 grams active rye starter do not use all of your rye starter, take this 50g from your mother starter
  • 60 grams white flour wheat or spelt
  • 90 grams filtered water

WET ingredients

  • 200 grams white leaven
  • 480-500g grams water
  • 60 grams extra virgin olive oil

DRY ingredients

  • 400 grams white spelt flour or use all strong unbleached premium bakers flour or all white spelt
  • 400 grams strong unbleached premium bakers flour
  • 40-60 grams sugar, rice malt or maple syrup
  • 3 teaspoon fine sea salt



  • Stir and mix well, leave overnight or 6-12 hours until starter has doubled and bubbly


  • BY HAND: In a huge large diameter bowl, measure and add your wet ingredients. starting with the starter. Then add all of the dry ingredients. MIX WELL, and massage any lumps you may have. You want to have one homogeneous dough. Turn bowl upside down on your kitchen benchBY THERMOMIX: 30 sec KNEAD, turn bowl upside down, then do the same for the other half BY MAGIMIX: 1 MIN SPEED 7, Brioche setting ROTARY MIXERS: 30 sec, K beater, speed 1

REST 1 hour

  • REST (fermentolyse) the dough covered (turn your bowl upside down)


  • STRETCH and FOLD your dough 3-4 times, EVERY 30 mins - REPEAT 4 TIMES


  • SHAPE your dough into your large sandwich loaf tin (outer measurements 30cm long x 13cm wide x 12cm height)


  • RISE OR RETARD OVERNIGHT until doubled. The dough must double before baking so if it is still not doubled after an overnight rise, take it out of the fridge to double


  • PREHEAT YOUR OVEN TO 225-235C for 30mins with an enamel tray on the lowest rack PUT your dough in on a rack above the enamelled tray ADD two handful of iceBAKE for 20mins REDUCE temperature to 200C, BAKE for 20mins REDUCE temperature to 180C, BAKE for 20mins INSERT thermometer, the inner dough temperature must reach 100C. ENJOY... wait till it cools down if you can, to get a better crumb ... I bet, you can't resist cutting it as soon a it is out of the oven BAKED BREAD is freezable in a zip-lock bags for up to 2 months
  • put your tinned dough in bake for 20mins reduce temperature to 200C, bake for 20mins reduce temperature to 180C, bake for 15-20mins until inner temperature of dough reaches 100C


  • if you can resist the temptation, wait until the loaf is cool before cutting but, the choice is entirely yours! Enjoy and you can even freeze this baked loaf for 2 months in an airtight container or zip lock bag

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