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Spring has come…

Spring has come…

This is my first blog..hooray…finally, i figured out how to do this. firstly, let me thank all of you for the support and joy you all have given me via my website and my classes. how are you keeping?

This year has gone so quick for me, now is NOV already, and i am about to teach my SOURDO CHRISTMAS class in a couple of week. life with sourdough has been very exciting for me the lately, as i am embarking on creating and writing my second book (wild sourdough part II, title as yet to be decided, ANY SUGGESTIONS???).

I have been working on creating new generation and traditional rye breads, enriched sourdough (think, adding yoghurt, butter, vanilla beans…), traditional celebratory breads (challah, kugelhopf…)…naturally sourdough wholegrain gluten-free…and the list go on… if you would like to share your ideas/recipes, you are most welcome, and you will be acknowledged in my book.


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