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Some things are worth waiting for…

Some things are worth waiting for…

I am sure you can relate to this…i left my sourdough panettone retarding in the fridge for almost 2 weeks – no excuse, but i had been very busy. two early mornings ago, i added the alcohol infused dried fruits, shaped into the panettone mould, then continued to rise it in a covered container – hoping that by evening time, it was fully risen and ready to bake (say 12 hours rise). well – 6pm that night, I had a look and the dough did not move at all!!!

So… what to do…what to do…i had three choice: first choice, to bake it as it was (resulting in a dense brick); second choice, to throw it out (oh…all the precious organic dried fruits 🙁 ) ; last choice…let it be…let see what happens in another 12 or 24 hours…

Well…surprise, surprise…24hours later, it had doubled and i just finished baking it, it cracked on the side, meaning it could have risen some more. oh the vanilla citrussy scent is just amazing…will post a picture soon!

Oh yes…i forgot, panettone can rise up to three times its original volume!

I am making few more tomorrow for my SOURDO FESTIVE class next week SAT NOV 20th.

Love to you all, yoke xox

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