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Nuts, roasted

Nuts, roasted

This is a method for roasting nuts using the Magimix Cook Expert


  • 1 kg Nuts eg Brazil nuts


  • Place your nuts or activated nuts if you prefer in the metal CE bowl. I always roast about a kilo of nuts. This example is for Brazil nuts, which does not require activation. Brazil nuts are very high in Selenium
  • Run the EXPERT programme for 12 minutes/speed 2A/140C. Make sure the cap is off to allow steam to escape
  • Check after 12 mins, check if the nuts are roasted enough for you. If not, run at 2-5 minutes/2A/140C depending on the type of nuts, ie. Less time for light fragile nuts like pecan and walnuts and more time for harder nuts like macadamia and brazil nuts
  • Once you get your desired colour and aroma, turn machine off and remove the lid to cool completely. And enjoy xxx
  • Make sure your roasted nuts are completely cool before storing in airtight containers or before making nut butter or you will end up with an oily paste

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