Nuts, roasted
This is a method for roasting nuts using the Magimix Cook Expert
  • 1kg Nutseg Brazil nuts
  1. Place your nuts or activated nuts if you prefer in the metal CE bowl. I always roast about a kilo of nuts. This example is for Brazil nuts, which does not require activation. Brazil nuts are very high in Selenium
  2. Run the EXPERT programme for 12 minutes/speed 2A/140C. Make sure the cap is off to allow steam to escape
  3. Check after 12 mins, check if the nuts are roasted enough for you. If not, run at 2-5 minutes/2A/140C depending on the type of nuts, ie. Less time for light fragile nuts like pecan and walnuts and more time for harder nuts like macadamia and brazil nuts
  4. Once you get your desired colour and aroma, turn machine off and remove the lid to cool completely. And enjoy xxx
  5. Make sure your roasted nuts are completely cool before storing in airtight containers or before making nut butter or you will end up with an oily paste