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Do I need special equipment to make sourdough?

  • Mixing & Kneading:
    You don’t need to buy any equipment to make sourdough bread, in my classes you will always be taught how to make any dough by hand (except some specific Thermomix classes). However, you can use your breadmaker, dough machines (Ankasrum is my preference, Kitchen Aid, Kenwood Chef etc) or multi-purpose blender such as Thermomix.
  • Rising/Proofing:
    You can rise your bread at your comfortable room temperature for both first and second rises, however the ideal temperature is around 25-28C which will allow 6-8hr for the dough to double (depending on the inner dough temperature). In colder climates, it may take 12-24hr or even longer for the dough to rise, this is fine as long as the dough is kept moist (covered) during rising but it will have a sour flavour. Lower temperature and longer rising time will create a sourer loaf. This is why I love (and of course sell) Brod and Taylor Folding Proofer, because it allows me to control the ambient temperature and humidity of the rising dough. It is a small investment that will allow you to produce your desired loaf and at your desired time frame. It is foldable, so it will sit vertically next to your chopping board, taking very little room. Once unfolded, it will give you x x