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PERTH Gluten Free Sourdough BREAD CLASS COELIAC Vegan FODMAP Friendly

Gluten Free Sourdough Bread, Pizza, Wraps & Bagels n more.. HANDS-ON Class PERTH


FREE FROM GLUTEN, NUT, DAIRY, EGG, SOYA – NO gum, wheat or nasties in the ingredients


Seriously delicious bread, pizza, wraps, biscuits to amazing rough puff pastries… there is nothing you cannot do and you will not miss gluten – all plant based, no nasties or additives!

In this class, we will do all that is possible to be made with my new premium gluten free bread/pizza & all-purpose flour, ENDORSED BY COELIAC AUSTRALIA, plant based/VEGAN (nut, egg, dairy free), FODMAP friendly, FREE FROM gum/nut/corn/maize/sugar/dextrose  (https://wildsourdough.com.au/recipes/recipes-gluten-free-bread-mix/) available over 100 Australian retail & online shops, or from my website online in bulk (please contact Yoke, 0412272327 or yokewildsourdough@me.com)

You will take home:

  • make & take home bread dough
  •  1kg WS GF BREAD MIX, plus
    1kg WS GF 1:1 Baking Flour
  • WS gluten free sourdough starter to start your sourdough gluten free journey (YEAST can be used too, no stress)
  • 1kg Wild Sourdough GF Bread Mix  makes THREE LOAVES or 2.5kg dough (sourdough)or 2.2kg dough (yeast) or 100 chocolate cup cakes 

YOU will learn how to make: Sourdough Bread (plain, seeded & fruit loaf), Pizza, Wraps, New York style Boiled Bagels, Nordic Crackers – you will also learn how to use my GF flour for all your favourite ‘normal/wheat based’ cake & cookies & pastry recipes (basically direct 1;1 substitution). Use of yeast and various machines including Thermomix, Breadmaker, Airfryer …will be covered

This nutrient dense prebiotic high protein (11%) and high soluble fibre (15%) whole-gluten free mix is a good start to make all your gluten free baked goods and it is suitable for people struggling to lose weight or diabetic (please check with your trusted medical practitioner)

This hands-on Gluten Free Sourdough class will set you on the path of ‘super easy and foolproof’ and you can stop trying to source and purchase different ingredients you can’t pronounce and then suffer failures after failures, wasting precious time and money. Fridge and Freezer friendly too…

You won’t have ever to buy expensive, questionable (list of chemicals) gluten free mixes full of starches and numbers – my gluten-free goodies are fuelled by one thing, my 12+ yo gluten-free starter which will be given to you and be used to make your very own sourdough gluten-free bread to take home. ALL VEGAN. FODMAPS FRIENDLY (all ingredients)

Gluten free bread that tastes so good, bend-able, cuts, keeps well and is definitely worthy of a sandwich, freeze-able pizza dough & wraps, easy peasy pastry, crackers, and of course pita bread to accompany your home-made dips. Sweet treats includes a delicious fruit loaf or hot cross buns & chocolate cranberry cookies …

FREE FROM GLUTEN, NUT, DAIRY, EGG, GUM, SOYA  and does not contain WHEAT, Nasties, GUM of course, Certified Gluten Free, made by YOU by hand or machine: thermomix, magimix, kitchen aid, kenwood chef, ankarsrum etc, if you prefer!

COST: $ 180 pp inclues MAKE & TAKE HOME DOUGH, 1kg bag of my Wild Sourdough GF flour, gluten free starter, tastings and comprehensive notes

More information: Please contact Yoke, Mob. 0412272327 or yoke@wildsourdough.com.au

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    July 27, 2024 - 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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