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Hi Yoke,

Thank you for “Wild Sourdough”, a fantastic book on sour dough and the making of sour dough bread. First up, my mouth is salivating just looking at the photos.   I’m enjoying the taste without even cooking!!

Thank you again for an informative and easy book to read that has given a novice like me a clear understanding the basics of sour dough and the desire to bake something from one of your extensive range of recipes.

Regards, Ross (USA)

Hi  Yoke,

I am over the moon!! Thanks for the feedback re the error in the recipe.  Got back onto it and have since made 3 fantastic loaves.   First one I ‘retarded’ for about 12 hours and turned out beautifully.  Second two had no retarding, turned out pretty good.  Probably did not rise as well as the first batch,  and the free form spread a little too much, was really flat,  but I think that is just me needing more practice at shaping.

Thanks so much for all your time last Thursday, the starter and feedback.  So excited about making more bread.  Kids love it.  Tom just keeps pointing up to the bench and yelling, ‘more, more’!  Worst things he could be asking for!

Many thanks again, my project now is working through the book with the kids.

Cheers, Julie (WA)

Hi Yoke – I made a chocolate sourdough cake with my purged starter and iced it with coffee icing.  Really nice, light, and moist w/o being wet and heavy.

And I made the BEST sourdough bread that I have ever made today.  I just did everything right and it is wonderful, you were so right when you said to make the bread several times before going on to make the other types of bread

There were two loaves, however by the time I got to it to take a photo, the other one had been eaten. Just thought you’d like know ;-)))))

Regards, Nicola (WA)

Hi Yoke

Just letting you know that the Hot Cross Bun recipe from your new book was great ….smelled like the shop ones…..tasted like the shop ones!!!  Will probably make this as fruit loaf during the year. Have also enjoyed the everyday sourdough with kamut flour and the soft buns. Still trying to find time to experiment with more!!!

Have loved making sourdough over summer – it rises and proves so well!

Thanks Yoke

Regards, Robyn (WA)

Good Morning Yoke,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the class yesterday. I loved it and learnt heaps. I am baking my sourdough that we made the dough for at the class later today. Can’t wait to share the first loaf with my wife and kids.

Thanks again, Scott (WA)

Hi Yoke

I just want to thank you for your wonderful book ‘Wild Sourdough’ which I recently purchased from the book club at work. I have had success with my rye sourdough starter which is very exciting!

I tried my making my first loaf last weekend, which ended up a little to wet. Today I had good success with two loaves baked in our woodfired oven!

I love your book and I have my starter in the fridge for next weekend.

With thanks, Vicky (NSW)

Hi Yoke,

My family and I are still absolutely loving the bread.  Thank you so much for all the time you have given me and getting us back on track to regular baking.  And also thanks for the crumpets, Ruby and Tom loved them, they were wonderful, and on the list to bake next.

I have baked the bread for a number of friends, and I now have about 4 coming to your class on 28 July.  I am thinking about joining them as I would like to review the whole process and learn the pizza dough.  Do you think this would be worth while, or will you be doing another refresher course soon that may be better?  Thanks again for all your ongoing support!

Cheers, Julie (WA)

Hi Yoke

I did your sourdough croissant and pastry class on July 8. I had a great time, the food was beautiful and the other participants were great too. The good news is I used the starter to make my best sourdough haloumi (using my home made haloumi), mint and olive bread  and fig, seed and walnut bread ever. I then went on to make pizza’s with it that my partner absolutely loved, so thank you!

My friend and I would like to do the flatbreads and crackers class, and I know you have one coming up. Can you telll me the dates and details for that please so we can book in.

Many thanks, Joanne (WA)

Hi Yoke,

Thanks so much for today.  It was a fun day and I am keen to make more sourdough! I have baked my dough and my house smells delightful. A small, plain sourdough with sesame seeds – looks great! A larger one filled with WA organic walnuts (my husband buys them in 10kg bags from Manjimup and he has just planted his own trees) and dried apricots. The loaves are for a family lunch tomorrow, so the final and most important test will be cutting them and tasting them! Looking forward to making more.

 Kind regards, Jo (WA)

Hi Yoke,

Thank you so much for the wonderful class last Saturday. I have already made 2 perfect loaves!!! My 3 year old daughter loved helping me – especially with the stretch and fold.

I can definitely see sourdough becoming part of our life. It is so easy to do having a batch in the fridge I can keep for 5 days. – you’re amazing!!!

Thanks again, Sally (WA)