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Hi Yoke,

Just wanted to tell you what a difference attending your artisan baking class back in February has made to my bread making!  I have baked three lots of Honey and Golden Linseed loaves with great success and enjoyment in the eating! My husband really likes this bread too, another bonus.  I’ve also made the Everyday sourdough loaf with success and the wholemeal spelt fruit and walnut loaf. I think your starter is so effective and alive, it just bubbles up to greet me when I get it out of the fridge! And the two bags of flour given in class (white and wholemeal spelt) are wonderful.

Thanks again for your generous sharing of your experience and your knowledge.

Jo (Perth)

Thankyou for the last thermomix class and the starter that came with it. Just to let you know I am successfully making the soft dough,multigrain and everyday every week now and cannot keep up as eaten too fast!!

Lynette (WA)

Hi Yoke

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the TM Sourdough class on Sat and I got a lot out of it. I will definitely be looking to do some more of the classes, can you let me know when the croissant one is on?

Baked all three doughs on Sunday, we had pizza for dinner that night and my husband was most impressed (I would send a picture but my phone crashed and I lost them!). He was also very impressed by the amount of time it took to make three more lots of dough on Sunday night, I was able to make the week’s worth in about 20 minutes. Thanks again and hopefully I can make it to the croissant class.

Cheers Heather (WA)

Hi Yoke,

I wanted to thank you for the great beginners class last Sunday – I really enjoyed it, I learnt so much and loved all the tastings!

I baked the dough I brought home from the class, and have made another loaf in the tin plus a couple of hand shaped loaves that I gave away to my family – they all loved the bread and were very impressed that I made it myself!

Thanks again, Amy Gates (WA)

Dear Yoke,

it worked!!! Yoo hoo. I’m so happy – I’ve wanted to make sourdough for such a long time and didn’t think it was going to happen. Thanks again for your wonderful book. This will change my life in a fairly small but significant way.

Thank you and Kind regards, Cath (SA)

Hi Yoke,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful book ‘wild sourdough!!’ I am so enjoying cooking beautiful sourdough bread and the rye starter I also got from you has been excellent. There are so many great recipes to try my favourite so far is the half and half wheat/spelt sourdough 🙂

Thanks again! Amy (NSW)

Hi Yoke

I recently purchased you book “Wild Sourdough the Natural Way to Bake” and really enjoyed it.  I had almost given up on making sourdough as my loaves always turned out too sour.  I’ve tried several of the recipe and the bread has been really lovely so thanks so much.

Kind Regards, Yasmine (VIC)

Hi Yoke,

Thanks for the starter.  Just in the process of making a loaf.  All looking good at the moment.  Found my notes, thank goodness!

Just to let you know that I am interested in doing your fermentation course when you do it.  Please send me details when you have finalized everything. Really good to see you again.   You have a wonderful energy and I leave your house feeling wonderfully uplifted.

Looking forward to the next course in my health lifestyle journey.

Have a great day, Trish

Hi Yoke

My bread is still coming out of the oven thick and fast. Since the hands on class there have been only successes. I would recommend that class to anyone who really wants to achieve a good result. I even tried my hand at making thin crackers from the pizza dough and topped it with oil, kelp and pink salt. The kids all ate from it and it got their stamp of approval. That is probably the most rewarding part of all. Looking forward to the thermo class next week

Kind regards, Carolyn (WA)

Hi Yoke

Thank you for the course – I have made bread every weekend since the course. Today I’m making (still to go in the oven)

– 1 x small every day
– 1 x medium every day
– ciabatta rolls (first time !)

I have made the chocolate bread (with some variations based on the cupboard !) – it worked ! I’ve become a lot more familiar with my oven – 230 is almost it’s max…. after warming up for 30 mins ! (no wonder the roast always take so much longer than expected !!!)

Thanks a million – We are really enjoying the bread 🙂

Karen (WA)

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